About The Race

Rodrigues is a small island 650km East of Mauritius, in the middle of the Indian Ocean measuring only 18Km Long and 8 km at its widest point. The hilly island boasts its coral reefs, blue waters and exotic fauna and flora. The Rodrigues MTB Challenge is a day ride through a variety of different terrains which Rodrigues Island has to offer. The landscape may vary from hilly lands, volcanic remnants, coastal paths and lush vegetation. 
This Mountain bike race offers the perfect opportunity to engage in an exclusive mountain biking adventure on the small tropical island surrounded by emerald blue waters. Our aim for the Rodrigues MTB Challenge is to attract people from the Indian Ocean Region and South Africa to take part in the race. This is a great opportunity to expose people to the island.
The Mountain Bike race targets an exclusive group of riders from the Indian Ocean Region and South Africa with only 60 registrations available. The race will be a place where bonds are formed on the track among this small group of riders.
The aim of the race is for it to be an annual event, one which the mountain bikers will save on their calendars.

Andrew Mclean

Guest Rider
• 25  Cape  epic  stage  wins  and 3 overall wins.
• 4 time winner of the Giro Del Capo.
• Multiple winner of Cape Argus cycle tour.
• Presenter of Supersports Supercycling and more recently Toyota Cadence TV show.
• Founder and Shareholder in the Cycle Lab chain.
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First MTB race ever in Rodrigues

...will you be there?

A historical event. After 10 years of success of “Trail de Rodrigues”, now comes the opportunity for MTB riders to discover the stunning landscape this island has to offer. This race will allow travelling participants to meet with Rodrigues’ local riders that are already training hard ahead of this Challenge.


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